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The City of Chicago Opens 20,000 Jobs Available for Dreamers this Summer

ohh the irony

"You see for these children, Kenya is the place where mom and dad came from, not where they themselves will go back to. They are here[America] to stay. They may not be Americans, they are not African Americans, but when they visit Africa, they realize how American they are."


This line i think speaks out to all—if not, most—-children of immigrants. Replace Kenya(n) with Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo, Morocco, Egypt…name it.

“I get it. My teacher stopped treating me like I was special once too. I think of the fourth grade me when I hear of white people who fear minorities or immigrants, Tea Partyers in a frenzy about how government doesn’t belong to them anymore, and people complaining that gay and lesbian couples will ruin marriage. When the phrase “Happy Holidays” and the idea of a non-white Santa makes a certain segment of the population lose their shit, a part of me gets it…Your childish tactics reveal that your privilege is waning.”

Lisa Wade (via thesmithian)


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